What's new in Anyslide?

Since the launch of our cloud-based image sharing and collaboration platform Anyslide (read the press release here), pathologists from all over the world have uploaded, shared and annotated numerous images. This week, we have added new functionalities to the platform. Here are the top three:


Anyslide now supports an extended list of formats, also including single file Whole Slide Images (WSI): .bmp, .czi, .ims, .jpeg, .jpg, .mha, .nd2, .ndpi, .png, .qptiff, .scn, .svs, .tif, .tiff. The support of WSI* formats in Anyslide opens up a whole new dimension of participating in tele-consultation:

  • Pathologists can view and comment on WSI-based cases without the need to install and switch between various WSI viewer software tools when giving opinion to colleagues from other labs.
  • When sharing educational and interesting cases on social media, like Twitter, users can tweet an area of interest directly from within Anyslide. Their followers clicking on the tweet then arrive at the entire whole slide image, can view it in its entirety and detail, add further annotations, comments and questions - at no cost for neither side.
Try yourself - Click to view WSI on Anyslide.com To comment and annotate, sign up for free)

Try yourself - Click to view WSI on Anyslide.com
To comment and annotate, sign up for free)


Modifications to images and newly added comments and annotations can be seen by all viewers of an image in real-time thanks to automatic page reload. Especially participants of tele-consultation using Anyslide as viewing and collaboration tool will benefit from this improvement.


Users can now switch on (or off) to receive notification messages via email about newly added comments and edits to their images.  

* For subscribers of the free Anyslide Personal Plan, the upload and storage of WSI files is free of charge up to a total volume of 5 GB. We reserve the right to charge for storage space above a certain threshold in the future. However, nothing will be charged without the user's explicit approval.