microDimensions Voloom® is the most intuitive and automated software solution for 3D histology reconstruction, visualization, and analysis in digital pathology. Voloom helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and pathology researchers with cell counting, tumor border computation, scoring, volume measurements, finding regions in serial sections, and many more histology applications.

Previously, we spent several hours to a couple of days to reconstruct [... with Voloom] it took 3-5 minutes for initial reconstruction and another 10 minutes for detailed reconstruction.
— Yagi et al., Overcoming Challenges in Histology 3D Imaging, 11th European Congress on Telepathology and 5th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy, Venice, Italy, 2011

Utilizing patented image registration technology developed by microDimensions, Voloom can reconstruct 3D histology volumes from serial sections in a matter of minutes. These reconstructed volumes as well as confocal volumes can be visualized in 3D and high resolution as if they were original, uncut samples. Moreover, 3D segmentation and modeling tools allow in-depth analysis of your specimen.

Voloom is based on modules in order to provide an individualized solution best fitting to your research needs:

Viewer (Free of Charge)

The core volume visualization module provides a 3D view with arbitrary cutting planes and direct volume rendering. It features:

  • Interactive measurements (metric in arbitrary directions and volumetrically correct measurements)
  • Visualization and measurements on any magnification level, only limited by scanner resolution
  • Use of ray casting for volume and model visualization
  • Visualization of individual channels or stains
  • Stereoscopic 3D visualization of microscopy and whole slide images
    Any autostereoscopic 3D display or standard 3D monitors, high definition TVs, or projectors paired with stereo glasses are sufficient for a 3D experience.
  • Loading of previously reconstructed microDimensions volumes (.mdv)

This module is free of charge and will continue to function even after expiration of the trial period of the trial version.

Voloom GUI
Voloom reconstruction

3D Reconstruction

This module features an interactive, easy-to-use wizard for automated, intuitive volume reconstruction of serial sections of any size. It facilitates:

  • Automatic section separation
  • Compensation of cutting artifacts such as extensions and compressions
  • Processing of 100 serial sections in less than five minutes
  • Possibility of manual adjustments

The 3D reconstruction wizard allows the reconstruction of a 3D volume from serial sections in the following input formats:

  • .czi: Zeiss serial sections
  • .ims: Bitplane Imaris serial sections
  • .mrxs: 3DHISTECH serial sections
  • .ndp: Hamamatsu serial sections
  • .nd2: Nikon serial sections
  • .scn: Leica serial sections
  • .svs: Aperio serial sections
  • .tiff Roche-Ventana sections
  • .qptiff: Perkin-Elmer (Vectra) sections
  • .tif: Huron serial sections
  • .tif: TissueGnostics serial sections
  • .vsi: Olympus serial sections
  • .jpg, .tif: serial sections in standard image formats

This module is included in the trial version and will function as long as the trial period has not expired.

Segmentation and Analysis

The analysis module has tools to semi-automatically extract and model anatomical structures as well as perform volumetric analysis on segmentation results.
This module is included in the trial version and will function as long as the trial period has not expired.

Voloom requires Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), 8, or 10 (64 bit versions only) and an OpenGL 3.3 capable graphics cards.

You can download a free trial version and evaluate Voloom for free for 20 days. After the 20-day period you can still use the 3D visualization module without being charged.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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