Voloom is microDimensions' highly automated digital pathology software for histology reconstruction from serial sections. With Voloom, 3D histology is becoming real, in particular the visualization, segmentation, volumetric measurement, and analysis in 3D stacks reconstructed from series of histological sections. Voloom 2.0 features a free 3D viewer for 3D histology volumes, new whole slide file formats (now including 3DHISTECH, Aperio, Hamamatsu, Huron, Leica, and Nikon), better support of whole slide images (WSI) with a varying number of pyramid levels, improved file loading times for Huron WSI, as well as bug fixes.

Voloom is the most intuitive and automated software solution for 3D reconstruction, visualization, and analysis in digital pathology. It helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and pathology researchers with cell counting, tumor border computation, volume measurements, finding regions in serial sections, and many more histology applications.

Utilizing patent pending image registration technology developed by microDimensions, Voloom can reconstruct 3D volumes from histological serial sections in a matter of minutes, compared to previous solutions that took “several hours to a couple of days to reconstruct one well aligned 3D model”, as stated by Prof. Y. Yagi et al. in their talk on “Overcoming Challenges in Histology 3D Imaging” at the 5th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy. These reconstructed volumes as well as confocal volumes can be visualized in 3D and high resolution as if they were original, uncut samples. Moreover, 3D segmentation and modeling tools allow in-depth analysis of your specimen.

For more information and to obtain a fully functional demo version please visit the product page at http://micro-dimensions.com/voloom.

About microDimensions GmbH:

microDimensions GmbH is a privately held company, which develops and distributes innovative software solutions for microscopic image processing and analysis. Its cutting-edge software Voloom is the world’s fastest tool for convenient and accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of histological serial sections. It enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate early drug testing and allows research organizations to gain novel and groundbreaking insights into their fight against diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, or chronic infections.

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