microDimensions has launched an upgraded version of its free digital pathology viewer Zoom, including a set of features to facilitate collaboration of researchers working on digital whole slide images. 

The version 2.0 enables loading and viewing of a series of previously aligned images such as 3D reconstructions or aligned images with different staining that have been created with other software products such as Slidematch™. With the new peephole function two aligned images can be viewed at the same time, e.g. to compare the response of tumors to different biomarkers.

The new annotations functionality offers the possibility to mark areas of interest, add comments and share these with others. For easy editing and comparison of areas of interest annotations can be copied to the other images of a series or volume. Annotations can also be imported from and exported to Aperio ImageScope. 

“With the new version of Zoom we have created an easy to use but yet powerful tool for image viewing and collaboration between researchers, that is available for free to anyone.” says Dr. Marco Feuerstein, COO of microDimensions.

Zoom enables fast viewing of whole slide images from all major hardware vendors as well as 3D reconstructions generated with Voloom. The version 2.0 also supports pyramidal and 3D TIFF files. The intuitive channel settings allow simple adjustment of rendering settings (brightness, contrast, gamma) and turning on/off of individual channels for an unlimited number of channels of 8 bit and 16 bit data, no matter whether they were acquired by brightfield, electron microscope, fluorescence, or laser scanning systems. 

The software is available free of charge at micro-dimensions.com/zoom. For more information, please watch our video tutorial

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