2017 was a very successful year for microDimensions: its revenue had more than doubled and the team overachieved the ambitious goals set. This is an important milestone for the young company dedicated to Digital Pathology. microDimensions’ growth goes hand in hand with the expanding digital transformation in healthcare, the latest advances in image processing technology as well as the disruption of medical research and diagnostics by computational pathology and artificial intelligence.

The motivated team of computer scientists, business and marketing specialists is looking forward to achieving the next strategic milestone in 2018 by positioning their platform anyslide.com as the only hub for cross-referenced digital pathology slides (#digitalpathologyhub).


“With this new platform, microDimensions is committed to serve customers such as Life Sciences companies looking for high quality curated data to train their Artificial Intelligence algorithms in pathology or to publish their scientific results to the medical community (#PrecisionMedicine).” says Ralph Gloser, newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer. “Public and private institutions have also shown their interest in using Anyslide to effectively train their students and provide modern tools of education through digitization and online collaboration.”

Further information on Anyslide can be found on anyslide.com. Visitors of the USCAP 2018 in Vancouver in March can experience the platform live at booth #543 and discuss how it helps to foster knowledge exchange and to accelerate medical progress.